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MP3 Audio Coaching and Real-Time Training | Adidas miCoach Pacer Interactive Fitness Gadget

Every body is unique, every heart is different. Imagine having a personal trainer that listens to your heart, understands your strengths and weaknesses and pushes you to your limits.

The Adidas miCoach Pacer provides real-time updated audio feedback and guidance, adjusting to your level of effort, to keep your mind stimulated and body challenged.

The device connects to an MP3 player (or any other audio source using a 3.5 mm audio jack) and communicates stats on pace, distance, time, strides, heart-rate and calories burned. There are four easy-to-follow colored zones customized to your goals, fitness level, and preferred coaching method.

The package includes three separate fitness devices that work together seamlessly -- a heart rate monitor chest strap, a stride sensor that measures speed, distance and stride rate and clips to your shoe, and the main unit that collects data and attaches to an armband or shirt. After a 12-minute assessment run to calibrate the three components, the Pacer begins collecting data as you walk, jog or run.

Adidas appears to have found the right balance of providing only the most vital information without an overly complicated interface or steep learning curve. But this is a relatively expensive accessory in a market of thousands of hi-tech devices, some too complex, some to simplistic, designed to provide fitness training assistance.

For a more affordable option (about half the price), consider the miCoach Zone which provides visual rather than audible feedback. The Nike+ is another lower-priced option that includes a social networking interface, but requires a compatible iPod and provides less statistical information.

The miCoach Pacer plugs into a PC or Mac using an included USB cable. The intuitive online workout manager allows you to upload data from the Pacer and select beginner, advanced or customized workout plans.

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