Saturday, May 5th, 2018

My Fitness Coach | Interactive Wii Exercise Game from UBI Soft

wii my fitness coachSince its release in May 2009. EA Sports Active has quickly taken the lead in the Nintendo Wii "exergaming" race. See our review here. Today we spotlight another very solid although not as innovative title called My Fitness Coach. Produced by UbiSoft exclusively for the Wii, this program allows you to create, engage in and track a personalized fitness regime.

The journey begins with your profile setup, an introduction to your trainer, Maya, and a comprehensive fitness test. After choosing between eight workout environments and seven styles of music, Maya guides you through a routine from a selection of 500 different workouts. During an exercise you can pause and see a tutorial demonstrating the proper form.

The program includes a personalized workout calendar with highlighted fitness goals, keeping you on your path to weight loss, cardo fitness and increased strength. You can chart your progress with graphs over an extended time period.

The 500 workouts are classified by category and include Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, Cardio fitness, Strength Training, Flexibility, and Weight Loss.

wii my fitness coach workoutMy Fitness Coach is more like an interactive exercise DVD than a game. It doesn't provide much feedback other than as a function of what you input manually. There is no motion sensor feedback, like the leg strap or balance board used by EA Sports Active and Wii Fit, and therefore no realistic measure of your true output.

With that caveat in mind, My Fitness Coach can be considered a very thorough fitness program that does an admirable job of keeping you motivated and encouraged every step of the way.

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