Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Nathan Speed Runner’s Waist Pack | Comfortable Belt with Four 10-Ounce Water Bottles/Nutrition Flasks

nathan speed water bottle beltIdeal for marathon and distance runners, the Nathan Speed 4 Waist Pack helps maintain proper hydration and nutritional requirements during long runs. The belt includes four separate easy access flasks fitted in molded holsters.

Each 10 ounce flask can be used for water, energy drinks or nutrition gels. The separate front and rear stash pockets can carry cell phones, mp3 players, keys, wallets or snacks.

A secure velcro closure keeps the pack in place while running. Weight is evenly distributed around the waist and most users will hardly notice it's there.

If your arms brush against the bottles while running the belt can be rotated 90 degrees to position them to your front and rear.

This lightweight mobile aid station comes in three versions to fit different waist sizes: Small (26"-32"), Medium (32"-36") and Large (36"-42"). A two bottle version is also available.

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