Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Needak Rebounder Mini Trampoline | Platinum Edition Soft-Bounce Folding Urban Exerciser

needak platinum rebounderThe Needak Platinum Edition Rebounder is step above the standard mini trampoline that sells well but often ends up collecting dust. It's a higher quality product at a higher price.

Using a standard $100 mini trampoline as a baseline, we'll detail some of the features that make the Needak superior.

The construction is markedly more durable and sturdy than average trampolines, cutting down on broken springs and mat threads tearing from the frame. It stays firmly in place when in use.

The high quality jump mat provides a cushioned and comfortable bounce, easing stress on knees and ankle joints.

This edition incorporates a platinum band between the jump mat and spring cover, acting as a visual cue to help you stay centered while jumping.

needak platinum rebounder foldedRebounding works muscles not often in play, so it's very important to build up your sessions gradually. You may experience soreness in muscles you didn't know you had.

Rebounding is a fun and effective form of aerobic exercise. Read this excellent article by Dr. Morton Walker. You may be surprised by some of the unexpected health benefits.

This Needak Rebounder is foldable and comes with a carrying case and strap -- great for transport but relatively heavy. Also included is the "Immune System" DVD and "Rebounding To Better Health" book.

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