Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Nintendo Wii Fit Exercise Game 5-In-1 Fitness Bundle | Battery Pack, Sleeve, Mat, Travel Bag & Textured Socks

There's been some confusion about the contents of this package. The Wii 5-In-1 Fitness Bundle includes five accessories for use with Nintendo's Wii Fit, but not software program itself. Previous product descriptions indicated that the package includes three pairs of textured foot socks -- it actually only comes with one pair. Online store product descriptions have now been updated.

The Wii 5-In-1 Fitness Bundle includes:

  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Jeli Sleeve
  • Fitness Mat
  • Travel Bag
  • One Pair Textured Foot Socks

The Textured Foot Socks are made of high quality cotton on top and strong rubber on the bottom, providing both comfort and extra traction.

Made of durable nylon, the Travel Bag is ideal for taking the Wii Fit Balance Board (not included) on the go.

The Jeli Sleeve fits snugly over the balance board to keep it safe and free from dings and scratches.

The Fitness Mat reduces impact on floors and the body and provides extra support and comfort. Made from durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it will provide years of extended use.

The Rechargeable Battery Pack & USB Charging Cable provide the necessary power to keep the Wii Fit Balance Board at maximum strength. A fully charged Battery Pack will provide hours of use at maximum power.

This bundle will help maximize the Wii Fit experience and keep you motivated. These or similar accessories can be purchased separately, but this is a convenient one-stop option with one shipping charge.

If you don't already have the Wii Fit program or need some new fitness gaming challenges, see our EA Sports Active review.

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