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Nintendo Wii Fit Plus & Wii Fit Plus Balance Board Combo Fitness Game

wii fit plus cover bigWii Fit exposed millions of people to the growing world of fitness-related gaming, becoming the third best selling video game in history one year after its release.

Wii Fit Plus, released on October 4, 2009, is a sequal to the 2007 original that adds new routines, features and enhancements to the existing workouts. It works with previous Wii Fit files so owners of the original game can access their saved profiles and workout history. New users will get everything in the original plus the enhancements.

The game offers a wide range of activities from four main categories: yoga, aerobics, strength training and balance games.

Most activities incorporate the Wii Balance Board, either alone or with the Wii Remote and/or the Wii Nunchuck. New Balance Board games include Skateboarding, Rhythm Kung Fu, Juggling, Snowball Fights, Obstacle Course and Perfect 10, a balance game that promotes both physical and mental well-being.

wii fit plus lobbyThe "The Locker Room" feature lets users personalize the experience by creating a specific workout routine that is exactly suited to their fitness level and lifestyle.

"My Routine" is a customizable program that builds routines from up to 30 different exercises from the strength training and yoga categories.

The addition of a calorie counter lets users track both the number of calories burned in a single day and the food equivalent.

Wii Fit Plus also addresses one of the complaints from the original game. Instead of backing out to the main menu after each exercise, you can now program in a workout routine and move seamlessly from one activity to the next.

For those who don't own the original system a Wii Fit Plus game and balance board combo is also available.

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