Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Perfect Pushup Accessories | DVD & Counter

The remarkably simple but ingenious concept behind the Perfect Pushup has changed how people think about and perform pushups. Each handle rests on a rotating disc to allow a natural arm motion as when pressing up a dumbbell or throwing a punch. What first appeared to be a fitness fad has transcended that perception with sustained sales and popularity.

Perfect Fitness has now released a series of accessories for owners of the original Perfect Pushup or the Perfect Pushup V2.

Our first thought was that some or all of these could have been included in the Perfect Pushup package. But the original unit is affordable and the accessories are downright cheap and can help users who have lost interest in their Perfect Pushup workouts.

perfect pushup dvdPower 10 Workout DVD

The DVD demonstrates proper technique and form for 10 different pushup styles to help vary your workouts. It also includes pushup calisthenics for an added aerobic element. All the exercises focus on building muscle and improving strength and coordination.

perfect pushup counterPerfect Pushup Counter

If you don't feel like counting reps or timing your workouts this clever accessory will do the work for you. It accurately tracks repetitions and time and ensures proper form and full muscle engagement. The timer can be set for up to 99 minutes to record cumulative pushup progress during the the course of the day and can be adjusted for specific time intervals such as the SEAL two-minute pushup test. The innovative design includes a flexible base and a foam cushion top for a safe landing pad in the event your arms give way during a set.

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