Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Phoenix Spinning Exercise Bike | 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Affordable Road-Like Home Cycling

phoenix revolution cycleThe Revolution Cycle Pro II from Phoenix blends a sleek and modern design with sturdy construction and state of the art features for a superior home cycling experience.

So why is such a well-built bike available at a low-mid level price range? Unlike most uprights and recumbents, this spinning bike has no computer console -- which means no workout programs or progress tracking. If that's a prerequisite, then there's no need to read on.

The bike features a number of unique adjustment options to suit users of different fitness levels and body sizes. The flywheel tension is adjusted with a few turns of a knob to accommodate novice to intermediate riders. Among the most convenient elements is a two-way seat design that adjusts the saddle both vertically and horizontally, even during a workout. The handlebar positioning is also easily adjustable.

phoenix revolution cycle seatThe direct drive resistance system allows the rider to pedal both forward and backward after slowing flywheel inertia with the quick-stop hand brake. The flywheel does not continue spinning when pedaling is paused. The brake can also be used in the event of an emergency.

The bike comes mostly assembled and can be completed and ready to ride in less than an hour. At 130 pounds it's relatively heavy, adding stability but also making it more difficult to transport or store.

Forward leaning handlebars and racing foot pedals lend a road bike feel to the Revolution Cycle Pro II. It's also outfitted with a heat treated axle and sturdy toe clips molded with the same alloy materials used in off-road racing.

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