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Polar RS800CX Running Heart Rate Monitor | Multi-Sport Watch with Stride Sensor, Fitness Software, USB & Optional GPS

polar-rs800cx-run-heart-rate-monitor-watch2The Polar RSC800CX allows you to map out, monitor and analyze an entire exercise routine with a level efficiency and comprehensiveness we've rarely seen. There are many lower priced options in this category but for the data junkie and endurance enthusiast who doesn't want to compromise, this is a best buy.

The ProTrainer software makes it easy to plan and transfer data from the watch to your computer using infrared technology to send data to a pod that plugs into any USB port. This is an integral part of the RS800CX system and includes detailed, customizable graphs, a personal calendar to log all your training data and much more. The downside to such an advanced gadget is the learning curve; with so many features you'll find yourself referring back to the manual to take advantage of all it has to offer.

The quality and high level functionality of the Polar RS00CX is unquestionable,  so we'll use the rest of this post to highlight some of the most innovative features.

  • Heart rate monitor detects optimal training level as percentage of maximum, beats per minute and within graphical target zone
  • ProTrainer 5 software plans workouts with customized graphs and logs with daily and weekly goals
  • S3 Stride Sensor W.I.N.D. transmitter optimizes stride length for competitive runners
  • OwnOptimizer mode provides alerts to avoid under training or over training
  • 5 minute fitness test measures aerobic fitness levels at rest
  • OwnCal mode tracks calorie expenditure during one exercise session and accumulation over multiple workouts
  • Built-in altimeter measures altitude, cumulative ascent, and cumulative descent
  • Multi-sport software feature combines and integrates running workouts with cycling, hiking, and skiing routines
  • Optional GPS sensor uses Google Earth to display routes, maps and mileage within the software
  • 12/24 hour clock, 50 meter water resistance, backlight, low battery indicator and alarm with snooze

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Polar RS800CX Fitness Sports Watch Heart Rate Monitor
Polar RS800CX Fitness Sports Watch Heart Rate Monitor $199.95
Time Remaining: 1h 11m
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Polar RS800CX boxed and complete
Polar RS800CX boxed and complete $33.23 (9 Bids)
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Polar RS800CX LIMITED EDITION PTE10 Sports Watch WIND Monitor + M XL strap
Polar RS800CX LIMITED EDITION PTE10 Sports Watch  WIND Monitor + M XL strap $83.08
Time Remaining: 18h 52m
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