Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Powerline PHG1000X Single Stack Home Gym | Compact Design for Plate Load or Selectorized Weights

The Powerline PHG1000X packs a lot of versatility into a compact footprint with a single weight stack design. It's small enough to fit in any room.

This gym does NOT come with weights. Standard weight plates can be used or an optional 150 Lb. selectorized weight stack can be purchased separately. The easy to adjust selector pin saves time and makes it easy to increase resistance using both the weight stack and/or  standard weight plates.

The patented press arm can be used both as a chest press station and to replicate the pectoral dumbbell fly. Other features let you perform numerous high pulley, low pulley and leg extension leg curl exercises.

Assembly for this gym is complicated and time consuming, and the sub-par directions are not much help. Once assembled this is a dependable and affordable home gym but we recommend considering the highly superior Powerline BSG10X that comes 90% assembled and offers more features.

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