Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Resistance Bands Exercise Set | SPRI Advanced Traveling Trainer

spri resistance bands kitResistance bands continue to gain popularity and acceptance among consumers, fitness experts and professional athletes. This is not a gimmick or passing fitness fad.

This set of bands from Spree is similar to others from Bodylastics (top rated), Ripcords and GoFit. They all serve the same purpose but differ in the quality of materials, quantity and strength of bands, and design of the attachment devices. Each offers the benefits of toning, building muscle mass and burning fat without the need for a full set of dumbbells. Resistance band training is an excellent choice for those with limited space and budget.

The SPRI Advanced Traveling Trainer includes three Xertubes (light, medium, and heavy resistance) one hand strap, an exercise video, training workout program, diner's guide and durable, lightweight black nylon travel bag.

Unlike many resistance band sets this low-priced package does NOT include a door attachment.

This is one of several resistance band packages being used for the P90X Workout and EA Sports Active for the Nintendo Wii.

For a step up in quality and number of components see the Bodylastics Basic Tension Set and Ripcords Black Sniper Edition Six Pack.

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