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Resistance Bands Set of Five | Black Mountain Products Quality Exercise Bands for All Levels

Resistance band training is an effective and affordable alternative to traditional weight training and is becoming increasingly popular with casual users, fitness trainers and professional athletes. The demand spike in recent years has created a market of hundreds of manufacturers, offering sets of varying quality and price.

The Black Mountain Products (BMP) Resistance Band Set offers comparable functionality as a set of dumbbells, but use a fraction of the space.

This is one of the best customer-rated resistance band sets we've seen. The professional grade bands are of higher quality and can be substituted for those that come with popular home workout DVD programs and console fitness games.

The set includes five resistance bands, appropriate for beginner to expert, made from the highest-quality latex rubber and include soft cushioned foam handles for comfortable grip during exercise routines: 1 Yellow band (2-4 Lbs), 1 Green band (4-6 Lbs), 1 Blue Band (10-12 Lbs), 1 Black Band (15-20 Lbs) and 1 Red Band (25-30 Lbs). Each band is 48 inches long and is very smooth through the entire range of motion.

It's important to note that each band has a permanently attached handle. This may be considered positive or negative, depending on the user. There's no need to spend time clipping and unclipping separate bands to a single handle. But, while the five bands do cover a wide resistance spectrum, you can't use multiple bands without holding multiple handles.

Like most resistance band sets, the Black Mountain bands are compact and portable, making it easy to workout almost anywhere. They're ideal for toning the back, chest, arms or abs, in addition to rehab of rotator cuffs, elbows and knees.

The package includes a convenient door anchor, a guide to help you get started, a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee and a life time breakage guarantee.

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