Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Resistance Bands: The New Free Weights? | Elastic Exercise Bands Vs. Dumbbells

We all know the importance of building muscle to support bone density and reduce fat. The fastest way to build muscle mass is through strength training. Many associate this with weight lifting or commercial gym machines and think these are the only options. Not any more. Resistance band exercise is becoming more and more popular in gyms and homes all across the country.

Research has shown that resistance band exercise is comparable to weight lifting with dumbbells in terms of building lean muscle. Unlike dumbbells, resistance bands can be used to work not only arms, shoulders and back, but also legs, abs, and glutes. By creating resistance against your muscles using your own body weight, you'll get the benefit of longer, leaner muscles. Dumbbells limit your range of motion and are not as flexible when working the lower body. With resistance bands, you can do a variety of standing exercises along with floor work to cover all muscle groups. The flexibility of standing/stepping on or attaching them to a part of your body allows you to maneuver in more ways than one.

Women are increasingly finding resistance band exercises beneficial and opting for this form of strength training. It eliminates the awkwardness of working out in a weight room full of men and the potential for feeling intimidated. Resistance bands are ideal for stay at home moms who have limited time and want to make the most of their workouts. They also offer Pilates lovers more resistance in their moves, mixing up a boring routine and boosting the number of calories burned.

Men looking for variety or to slim down a previously bulky build without losing muscle or having it turn to fat will also benefit from resistance band workouts. They are easy on the joints and work with your own body weight to get into shape, making them a favorite among those with injuries or who want to build strength slowly.

Unlike barbells, dumbbells and strength training machines, resistance bands don't require an entire room or section of a room dedicated to bulky equipment. And they are much more affordable. Resistance bands easily store away under furniture, in a closet, or a drawer. They're also easy to transport for those who travel frequently and want to maintain their daily exercise routine -- just pack them in your suitcase and work out in your hotel room. Tired of working out at the gym or at home? Throw them in the car and drive down to the local park. By combining a brisk walk with stops along the way to do resistance training, you will significantly boost your metabolism and burn more calories.

Resistance bands are rapidly becoming one of the most popular alternative workout methods. Try incorporating them into traditional weight lifting routines for variety and challenge.

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2 Responses to “Resistance Bands: The New Free Weights? | Elastic Exercise Bands Vs. Dumbbells”
  1. Chris says:

    Bands def serve a purpose, but you need to practice with them and figure out the best way to use them. I think for some exercises they are better then dumbells, but there are some moves where you lose resistance during the move. I think finding a happy medium is the perfect plan.


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