Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Resistance Exercise Band Set | 3 Piece Multi-Colored Light, Medium & Heavy Tensions

Resistance bands are a popular and affordable alternative to traditional weight training. Research shows that regular resistance band training strengthens and tones muscles while increasing bone mass.

This versatile home training set from Agile Fitness includes three color-coded bands of light, medium and heavy tension.

With weights, you know exactly how much you're lifting. With bands, it's an approximation. The light band offers 3-5 pounds of resistance, the medium band about 8 pounds of resistance and the heavy band about 12 pounds resistance.

Each band has 2 tapered foam grip handles with custom-designed web strapping.

Excellent for travel, the set comes with a black mesh bag with auto-lock drawstring.

This package is a good value for basic resistance band training. See all our resistance band reviews for more comprehensive, versatile sets that include door anchors, detachable handles etc.

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  1. Seems like some good cardio exercises I will have to try out at home. Nice blog overall!

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