Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Smooth Fitness CE 7.4 Elliptical | Full Body Home Cardio Cross Trainer

smooth-fitness-ellipticalSmooth Fitness is an online-only equipment manufacturer. No middle man means lower prices,  but can also carry inherent risks to the consumer. More on that below.

At 83" x 27" x 67" the CE 7.4 Elliptical Trainer is a huge piece of equipment. We suggest measuring your room space before ordering and plan to have some help when the large, heavy package is delivered.

The 21-inch stride length on this elliptical is relatively long and ideal for taller users, but can cause problems for people standing 5'2" or less. Unfortunately, as this model is not sold in stores, you can't test it out before purchasing.

A unique attribute of the CE 7.4 is the ergonomic, orthopedically cushioned, pivoting foot pedals that reproduce the natural movement of the foot and ankle joint to maintain proper alignment. The see-saw like pedal design is uncommon and may take some getting used to, but it's definitely a nice added feature.

smooth-fitness-elliptical-pedalsThe heavy-duty flywheel produces a steady motion and eliminates the jerking sensation that can be felt with some elliptical trainers. An electromagnetic braking system allows for smooth transitions but the heavy flywheel produces high inertia, so you'll need to slow down gradually before coming to complete stop.

A 4-window LED console monitors course profiles, RPM, speed, watts, time, distance, pulse, heart rate, calories, resistance level, metabolic equivalents and target heart rate. A wireless heart rate monitor is included.

When purchasing from a smaller manufacturer, customer service issues and shipping miscommunications are more common. Also, we advise against choosing a Smooth Fitness used elliptical which cannot be returned for a refund. A 10% discount is just too insignificant to justify potential mechanical problems.

With all this in mind the Smooth Fitness CE 7.4 is still an above average machine, not a cheap bargain buy, and will suit novice to avid exercisers. To compare with industry leading elliptical manufacturers check out Life Fitness and Precor.

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