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Space-Saving Adjustable Dumbbells and Stand Combo | Universal Power Pak Adjusts from 4 to 45 pounds

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Adjustable dumbbells are a wise investment when compared to purchasing an entire set of weights -- but the most popular brands are still cost-prohibitive for some.

Here's a new adjustable dumbbell set from Universal, a division of Nautilus, that's relatively affordable and comes with a custom stand. This complete package is an inexpensive alternative to the Bowflex SelectTechs and other adjustable dumbbell models.

The Universal Power Pak dumbbells allow you to adjust between 4 to 45 pounds (in 5-pound increments) quickly, safely and easily. Just turn the selector dial to the desired weight and lift, while the unused plates stay firmly in the stand. Choosing a weight, lifting the dumbbell and replacing it all happen seamlessly.

The Universal stand lets you store the dumbbells in a single location. It includes two cradles that are custom sized for the Power Pak dumbbells, holding them at an ideal height for quick access. The trays are made of thick plastic but are very well built and sturdy.

Newcomers to adjustable dumbbells may wonder if they provides a solid, sturdy feel during use, like that of a regular dumbbell. The weight plates on these units do shift back and forth a bit, but it's only minor annoyance.

The package includes a handy weight chart that demonstrates how to properly execute the most popular and effective exercises.

The Universal Power Pak adjustable dumbbell and stand set are an impressive combination of performance and space-saving ingenuity. This single dumbbell set lets you perform arm, chest. back and shoulder exercises without cluttering up your workout space or needing to grab new dumbbells each time you switch exercises.

It's very easy to get started; the weights themselves ship pre-assembled and the stand comes in three pieces. Both carry a one-year warranty.

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  1. These are great!! Wow I have not seen these. I have a pair of the reebok brand ones and they are ok, but they were not that expensive. I would imagine these have to be pretty pricey right?

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