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Stamina InMotion II Manual Folding Treadmill | Self Powered, Space Saving with Adjustable Incline

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stamina inmotion ii manual treadmillTo contrast the high-end treadmills we regularly review, here's a look at a self-powered, very affordable model from Stamina.

Th InMotion II features a non-slip, low-impact 42 inch long walking/running surface that lets you set the pace, but your legs are the only motors driving the belt. This a good choice for light jogging or simple walking -- still one of the most fundamentally beneficial forms of aerobic exercise.

With no motor the InMotion II saves electricity and is relatively quiet, but far from silent as manual treadmills are sometimes advertised.

The InMotion II includes a multi-function, battery-operated monitor, which tracks distance, workout time, speed, and calories burned.

stamina inmotion ii manual treadmill foldingOther features include two incline positions (8 and 10 degrees), foam-padded front and side rails, a sturdy, heavy-duty steel frame and skid-resistant rubber floor protectors.

The treadmill folds up for convenient storage in a closet, in a corner or under a bed.

If you're looking for a powered folding treadmill see our reviews of the Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill and BodyCraft 1120 Folding Treadmill.

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  1. Hi, I saw the Stamina treadmill in the shop the other day, but ended up getting another treadmill. Thanks for the review, though, it looks helpful

    Roy, bench press expert

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