Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Stamina Pilates Magic Circle | Exercise Resistance Ring with Workout DVD

stamina pilates magic circleThis versatile device, originally conceived by Joseph Pilates himself, is adept at toning, building strength and developing balanced, controlled body movements.

The Magic Circle will add variety to your resistance training as an alternative to using weights or a strength training machine. It's durable and somewhat rigid, but includes soft, high-quality foam molded handles for comfort and added functionality.

The Magic Circle can be used for hundreds of exercises and is particularly suited for strengthening inner and outer thighs, upper arms, chest and core muscles.

The included DVD appears to be dated but does provide varied, easy to follow instructional routines to help get the most out of this product.

While the Magic Circle addresses strength, posture and flexibility, it doesn't provide much of a cardio workout. For optimal results it should be used in addition to a regular exercise regime.

Stamina Pilates Magic Circle Product Details

  • Pilates Magic Circle - 14 3/4" in diameter
  • Soft rubber ring adds resistance for faster, more targeted toning
  • Fits comfortably against body during a wide range of exercises
  • Professional grade, non-porous molded padding
  • Easy to use instructional DVD
  • Small, lightweight and easy to transport

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