Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Stott Pilates Exercise SPX Reformer | Home Studio Core Training Machine

stott pilates reformerThe Stott SPX is a professional grade, gym quality pilates reformer designed specifically for home use. It's the highest quality pilates machine we've reviewed.

The goal of this exerciser is to develop strength without building bulk. It provides finely tuned resistance allowing precise routines that develop good alignment, core strength, and flexibility.

Using proprietary floating wheel technology the SPX delivers an ultra smooth ride on a sturdy full-length 97" frame. It includes four 100%-tension reformer springs and an extra fifth 50%-tension spring to help customize your workout.

An adjustable foot bar and carriage-stopping system control hip and knee joint flexion, making this machine appropriate for users of widely varying heights and abilities. If you have not already used a reformer we suggest taking a class or using one at a gym before purchasing.

The package includes the SPX Pilates Reformer, Padded Platform Extender, Professional Reformer Box with Foot Strap, and a set of Double Loop Straps. You also get the At Home Reformer Workout DVD with bonus safety segment and an Easy Start exercise poster.

The package is large and heavy but comes 90% assembled and takes about 15 minutes to setup following a simple six step process.

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