Friday, February 15th, 2019

After using the Flex Belt for one week, I’m pleased (and more than a little surprised) with the early results. I’m slim, but in need of some core strength and definition in the abdominal area. The Flex Belt is definitely working for me. I plan to write a more detailed account of my experience after […]

For those ready to move beyond situps, crunches and ab trainers of questionable value, the Body-Solid GAB60 will put you on the path to a  slimmer waistline and chiseled stomach. This ab bench is stable and solid, with a wide enough base to prevent shifting and wobbling even during the most aggressive, twisting exercises. The […]

The Ab Lounge 2 lets you focus your abdominal workout strictly on your stomach muscles. This is a revolutionary, comfortable, effective ab machine for people of all fitness levels. The Ab Lounge 2 offers a sturdy floor-based position that helps you experience a total range of motion, making it easy to work muscles in the […]

The Ab Lounge Ultra’s Jackknife abdominal exercise motion delivers a targeted ab workout while supporting your head, neck, and back. The ergonomic design helps prevent unwanted pressure and strain during abdominal workouts. The motion is similar to a double crunch, bringing your head and knees together at the same time but without the guesswork in […]

The Club Pro Ab Trainer is used in over 3,000 gyms and fitness centers and is the preferred choice of professionals, celebrities and fitness trainers. It’s more expensive than other popular Ab Trainers but you will see and feel the difference in this commercial quality piece of equipment. The sturdy unit is built with 1 […]

The Ab Rocket is a revolutionary new ab machine that tightens and tones your lower, middle and upper abs and side obliques easier and quicker than ever before. The product is designed to give you an outstanding ab workout with the least amount of back and neck strain. During your workout Ab Rocket also gently […]