Friday, February 15th, 2019

Perfect for casual home use, the Cap Barbell Fitness Bench is lightweight, mobile and affordable. The compromise is the relatively short length — users taller than 5′ 10″ should look for another option. See more weight lifting bench reviews. Considering the modest size and weight, this bench is very sturdy and good for dumbbell exercises […]

After using the Flex Belt for one week, I’m pleased (and more than a little surprised) with the early results. I’m slim, but in need of some core strength and definition in the abdominal area. The Flex Belt is definitely working for me. I plan to write a more detailed account of my experience after […]

Traditional abdominal floor exercises like crunches and sit-ups tend to exert excess strain on the back, neck and entire spine. The Total Core Extra is designed to reduce or eliminate this stress, while effectively targeting the entire mid-section. The Total Core Extra’s padded power coils provide assistance on the way up during an ab exercise […]

Trendy infomercial ab trainers like the Ab Rocket and Ab Lounge 2 have received mixed reviews from consumers. Here’s a more effective and affordable solution for building serious abs. The compact and sturdy Marcy SB-410 Crunch Board is adjustable to both flat and declined positions for complete abdominal strength building, while facilitating proper form. It […]

Beachbody has finally released the highly anticipated RevAbs with Brett Hoebel 90-day fitness program. Marketed for its ability to transform the abdominals, RevAbs is also a comprehensive full-body strength and conditioning system. The 8 DVD program employs an “Abcentrics” method that targets the abs from six different angles — upper flexion, lower flexion, side flexion, […]

Strengthening the “core” has become a trendy fitness topic in recent years. Core strength simply refers to the muscles in and around the abdominals and back and their ability to support the spine and keep the body stable and balanced. The Apex Roman/Hyper Extension Bench helps you work the core more effectively and comfortably. It […]

Here’s another “As Seen On TV” fitness product that gets a marginal recommendation. For those who need extra support in the lower back and spine while exercising the mid-section, the ProForm CoreMaster Ab Bench is a good choice. The 3-in-1 design works all muscle groups that make up the core, isolating the abs, obliques and […]

At first glance the AKROwheels appear to be another fitness gimmick that we normally don’t take the time to review. But this product offers a flexible and functional approach that is surprisingly effective at working a wide range of muscle groups and really targets the abs and obliques. It’s also fun and lets you mix […]

The Ironman ATIS 1000 represents a step forward in inversion therapy and is a significant upgrade to their bestselling Gravity 1000 model, reviewed here. The ATIS 1000 uses a Smart Gear System, rather than a tether strap to safely lock the table in place in 10 different positions. The Scale Locking System increases ankle security […]

For those ready to move beyond situps, crunches and ab trainers of questionable value, the Body-Solid GAB60 will put you on the path to a  slimmer waistline and chiseled stomach. This ab bench is stable and solid, with a wide enough base to prevent shifting and wobbling even during the most aggressive, twisting exercises. The […]