Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Pilates Kit, Training Deck, Upgraded Squat Stand, Wing Attachment, and Leg Pulley Accessory are among the features that set the Deluxe Version of the Chuck Norris touted Total Gym, the Total Gym XLS Trainer apart from the rest. One of the new additions is the training deck, a useful easy-to-see device that holds all of […]

Using only the body’s weight as resistance, the Total Gym 1100 delivers a thorough, full body workout on one simple machine. Designed to tone and strengthen rather than build bulk, this is a good option for beginners or occasional users not wanting to invest in an expensive, cumbersome home gym. The Total Gym 1100 is […]

The Total Gym 1700 Club can be considered among the best systems of its type under $500. It’s ideal for those newly motivated to begin working out or have been using a gym and are now ready for a piece of quality home equipment. Total Gym 1700 Club helps you strengthen and sculpt every major […]