Saturday, May 5th, 2018

The Needak Platinum Edition Rebounder is step above the standard mini trampoline that sells well but often ends up collecting dust. It’s a higher quality product at a higher price. Using a standard $100 mini trampoline as a baseline, we’ll detail some of the features that make the Needak superior. The construction is markedly more […]

The Bosu Balance Trainer develops strength, flexibility and muscle tone while improving posture and relieving stress. It also engages and strengthens the mind. Bosu is an acronym literally meaning “Both Sides Utilized” referring to the mind and body. Balance training targets the body’s core — the muscles that reside in the stomach, the mid-lower back […]

The TRX Suspension Trainer from Fitness Anywhere effectively works the core by using body weight resistance and forcing the engagement of many small muscles to stabilize the body during workouts. As opposed to linear weight lifting that isolates specific muscles, this “functional strength training” approach exercises the body in a more realistic way — the […]

The price tag on the Kettler APOLLO is nearly double that of other popular inversion tables previously reviewed here. So what do you get for twice the price? First off, this German built machine is well constructed, strong and stable. Robotically welded “tunnel design steel tubing ” provides superior strength, stability and safety. The Kettler […]

At first glance this review may appear to stray from our site’s purpose of focusing exclusively on fitness equipment and accessories. However, sitting on a balance ball for extended periods actually is a form of core strengthening exercise. When properly positioned, the body is forced to make minute and continuous adjustments, which over time increase […]

The word "Pilates" has been attached to a broad variety of exercise machines with a wide range of price points — a basic home option can be had for a couple hundred bucks while commercial gym quality models may exceed $5,000. For those new to Pilates we suggest reading this excellent article from Wikipedia . […]

The Stamina Ab / Hyper Bench helps develop essential core strength, upper and lower abs and powerful back muscles. The incline is easily adjustable to allow a quick increase or decrease in workout intensity. The four crunch positions range from fully flat to a 30 degree decline. In addition to ab workouts The Stamina Ab […]

Just like the enormously popular Perfect Pushup, the Perfect Pullup incorporates rotating handles to engage more muscles and reduce joint strain during a workout. Pullups not only work the arms, chest, shoulders and back but also help build a powerful core. Another often overlooked benefit of pullups is the development of a powerful grip. The […]

The Core Sculptor will deliver results in 4 to 15 minutes per day This product is making quite a splash online and through TV infomercials. Core training, once discussed only among athletes, has become a hot trend for home gym users and fitness clubbers. The core includes the body’s midsection from sternum to pelvis, and […]