Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Here’s a high quality, relatively expensive exercise mat for those who prefer extra cushioning for their floor exercises. At 72″ x 24″ this mat is larger than most, allowing a 6 foot tall user to stretch out fully. The mat’s durable vinyl surface is as easy to clean as wiping down a weight bench. It […]

There’s been some confusion about the contents of this package. The Wii 5-In-1 Fitness Bundle includes five accessories for use with Nintendo’s Wii Fit, but not software program itself. Previous product descriptions indicated that the package includes three pairs of textured foot socks — it actually only comes with one pair. Online store product descriptions […]

An aesthetically pleasing, cushioned mat can really enhance the Yoga experience. These extra thick tapas mats from Hugger Mugger provide both an insulated workout surface and a soothing visual. Hugger Mugger mats can be used for Yoga, Pilates or general exercise. The 1/4 inch thickness provides good support and the surface is durable and relatively […]

This Everlast exercise mat is among the highest-rated available, so we were interested in what makes it so popular. The main attraction is the 1-5/8 inch bonded foam padding; thicker with more cushion than most mats, yet not too soft. In addition to comfort it provides insulation from cold floors. The non-absorbent, easy to clean […]