Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Our exclusive five question interview with fitness trainer and competitor Ekaterina Meishvili. Ekaterina is originally from the Republic of Georgia and has been involved in fitness since age six, first as a figure skater and then in Rhythmic Gymnastics, where by age 19 she had won several gold and silver medals. Now living in the […]

Obsession Fitness contacted 10 top fitness models to learn about their distinguished backgrounds and the workout routines and types of exercise equipment that helped sculpt their amazing bodies. Our selection criteria went beyond a pretty face and sexy figure. Each of these models is also an accomplished fitness competitor and an elite athlete, trainer or […]

Our exclusive five question interview with fitness model, trainer and competitor Nicole Moneer Guerrero. Nicole Moneer Guerrero is a Top 5 nationally and Top 10 internationally ranked PRO fitness competitor and fitness/bikini model, as well as a skilled personal trainer and educator. She is an NASM personal trainer and an AFAA group exercise instructor for […]