Saturday, May 5th, 2018

The 6.75 Folding Treadmill, the newest offering from the highly regarded Smooth Fitness brand, is a feature-rich, mid-range machine that replaces the popular 6.45 treadmill model. There’s nothing negative to say about the older version — the Smooth 6.45 is a solid, high-quality treadmill with a good range of useful features. The 6.75 builds on […]

To contrast the high-end treadmills we regularly review, here’s a look at a self-powered, very affordable model from Stamina. Th InMotion II features a non-slip, low-impact 42 inch long walking/running surface that lets you set the pace, but your legs are the only motors driving the belt. This a good choice for light jogging or […]

We’ve reviewed many types of motorized treadmills, from entry-level to high-end gym quality models. This is our first look at a manual treadmill that requires no electricity. For those who can’t afford a powered treadmill or are simply averse to researching the hundreds of available features, a manual model is a simple, economical solution. The […]

This treadmill is the sturdiest and most solid that we’ve seen in the under $1,000 price range. Smooth Fitness accomplishes this by going big and heavy — the 5.45 is a rock-solid behemoth. The Smooth Fitness 5.45 delivers health club quality performance without the shifting or shaking associated with many home models. At 75″ x […]

The BodyCraft 1120 Folding Treadmill provides an efficient workout without fancy features and excessive add-ons. The folding mechanism is the key feature but there’s no MP3 player, speaker, iPod dock or water bottle holder — if these features are unimportant to you then this treadmill is an effective and affordable option. The treadmill comes nearly […]