Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Trendy infomercial ab trainers like the Ab Rocket and Ab Lounge 2 have received mixed reviews from consumers. Here’s a more effective and affordable solution for building serious abs. The compact and sturdy Marcy SB-410 Crunch Board is adjustable to both flat and declined positions for complete abdominal strength building, while facilitating proper form. It […]

Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Weight Bench comes with a lat tower, squat rack, leg lift and preacher curl attachment. This entry level bench aims to be a complete home gym and does an admirable job considering what you get for the price. This is a good option if you’re looking for an affordable all-in-one […]

We don’t often cover free weight equipment but this durable, versatile bench deserves some attention. We understand those who simply insist on lifting “real” weight rather than using comparable resistance machines from Bowflex or Weider. If you’re one of those and are not averse to all-in-one systems (many bodybuilding purists are) then this is an […]