Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Gaiam Yoga Kit for Beginners is a Great Starter Set This is an admirable introductory kit for those who are new to yoga or just need some basic props for the home. For less than $25 this starter set will ease yoga into your daily routine and help build a solid foundation. The package includes […]

Millions have seen the engaging infomercials for this innovative and fun fitness system. No longer and exclusive TV offer, The Wave Kit is now available from many online stores. Manufactured by The FIRM, a trusted name in fitness, The Wave adds some excitement to your workouts while toning the thighs, abs and glutes — and […]

Kettlenetics is new twist on kettle bell training that uses a light weight three dimensional swinging routine and aims to provide the muscle toning benefits of resistance training without the bulky, awkward weights used in traditional weight lifting. The system incorporates full circle dance moves using a kBell — not to be confused with standard […]