Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

One drawback to modern doorway chin up/pull up bars is the need for taller users to bend at the knees to avoid dragging their feet on the ground. The Elevated Chin Up Station from GoFit addresses this issue by raising the bar eight inches, creating more clearance and allowing for a full range of motion […]

Here’s a simple but effective exerciser that uses basic rolling movements to build power and strength in the hands, wrists and forearms. Any standard weight plate can be attached to the GoFit GF-WFB to isolate the muscles and create a serious burn. Changing weight is quick and easy and you can gradually increase resistance by […]

This old fashioned style chin up bar is an alternative to the “no screw” easy-mount chinup bars that are among the most popular home fitness items we’ve seen in recent years. The GoFit Chin-Up Bar adjusts to fit standard door frames between 28″ – 36″. The bar can be used for chinups as well as […]

Wobble boards, also known as balance boards, are gaining popularity as a mainstream form of fitness training. Benefits include improved balance, coordination, core strength, agility and stability. Wobble board use also encourages communication between the left and right halves of the brain, resulting in an increased sense of body awareness. The Ultimate Wobble Board from […]

With the explosive growth in kettlebell popularity and the overwhelming number of choices now available, we decided to review one manufacturer’s entire line for its affordability and appeal to the home user. The kettlebell is a cast iron weight of Russian origin that looks similar to a cannonball attached to a handle. Kettlebell training is […]

The key benefits of this system are the portability that allows you to take it on the road and the ability to easily add or subtract resistance. It’s actually possible to get an adequate full body workout using this little gym-in-a-bag The GoFit Ultimate ProGym offers 7 levels of resistance created by using different combinations […]