Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

At the dawn of each new year, thousands of Americans resolve to improve their health and fitness. Despite their best efforts, most get sidetracked and never achieve their fitness goals. Consulting with leading fitness experts and celebrity trainers, Gold’s Gym has put together a “Top Ten List of Fail Proof Resolution Tips” to help Americans […]

With the recent explosion in popularity of doorway pullup bars, rotational pushup devices and ab/core trainers, Gold’s Gym has created a fitness kit that neatly incorporates all three into one package. The 3-in-one set includes a grip-lock doorway gym for pullups and chinups, rotating pushup stands, and ab straps that can be attached the the […]

Gold’s Gym, the largest commercial gym in the world, brings their training philosophy to the virtual world with Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout for the Nintendo Wii. The primary  emphasis of this game is cardio boxing. If you’re looking for more traditional exercises for the Wii, check out our reviews of EA Sports Active or My […]

Gold’s Gym is offering it’s own version of a stimulus package designed to empower Americans to improve their fitness while giving the economy a boost at the same time. The thee part promotion includes free 7-day passes, free fitness level assessments and a free “how to” guide on starting a successful exercise regimen. The $22 […]