Thursday, February 14th, 2019

After cross referencing a number of sources, I’ve come to the conclusion that 90 degree leg extensions may put too much stress on the knee joints. Apparently, this is not news in some circles as many bodybuilders have believed this for years. Here is a video from Scooby on YouTube demonstrating this. Scooby has a […]

Weider understands that an effective home workout should engage the core, build muscle tone and definition, as well as attack the biceps, forearms and lats. To accomplish these goals, Weider has designed the X-factor Plus Home Gym. This machine is perfect for getting a proper upper and lower body workout and a good combination cardio/weight […]

This is our first look at Inflight Fitness, a California based manufacturer of high quality multi-gyms, circuit training and free weight equipment. With a focus on heavy duty construction and space saving design, the Dual Multi Press unit accommodates a range of press exercises, including shoulder, chest, incline and decline. Key features include adjustable seat […]

The Galena model from BodyCraft has been around for a few years but remains a highly recommended, comprehensive and versatile home gym. If you have the space, this is a good alternative to a monthly commercial gym membership. The unique design with angled work stations accommodates fitting the gym into a corner of a room […]

The BFMG10 Sportsman is a compact, no frills unit with impressive versatility for a home gym in the under $300 price range. It gets a marginal recommendation for those on a budget who don’t need more than a 145 lb. weight stack. Key features include a wide grip lat bar on upper the pulley, narrow […]

The Powerline PHG1000X packs a lot of versatility into a compact footprint with a single weight stack design. It’s small enough to fit in any room. This gym does NOT come with weights. Standard weight plates can be used or an optional 150 Lb. selectorized weight stack can be purchased separately. The easy to adjust […]

The Dosho Gym 5000 | Designed by the Inventor of Bowflex The Dosho Gym 5000 uses a remarkably space-efficient and innovative design to provide a true full body workout — using real steel, not cables. The gym is creatively engineered for easy, efficient and safe transitions between exercises. Two unique, patented features caught our attention. […]

This home gym uses a resistance system similar to the Power Rod technology used by Bowflex but aims for more consistency throughout the entire range of motion. With Bowlex, resistance begins low and increases as the band is bent, creating a spring-like effect. The Bio Force Total NitroCell Technology provides even resistance throughout each rep. […]

This mid-range home gym from Body-Solid is an all-purpose, versatile machine that includes a number of features typically found on more expensive home gyms. The traditional selectorized weight stack design eliminates the clutter of barbells and the relative inefficiency of bows and bands. The well-engineered G4I features 2” x 3”, 11-gauge mainframe construction that’s built […]

Two common deterrents to purchasing a comprehensive home gym are space requirements and potential assembly headaches. The Powerline BSG10X effectively addresses both of these issues with efficient design and well-engineered construction. gave it their ” Top Gear Of The Year” award. The gym ships 90% assembled with all cables and pulleys already in place. […]