Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Inversion Tables have been making waves recently for their contribution to the alleviation of back pain. These devices can now be purchased by individuals who want to try non-invasive treatment methods before they opt for surgery, and they have been producing remarkable results. It is important, however, to take the necessary precautions when using an […]

The Ironman 2000 has received extraordinary reviews from users and distributors. So what makes it special? Priced between the Ironman 1000 and Ironman 4000, the 2000 model is an excellent mid-range option with a focus on comfort and stability. Uncomfortable ankle braces are a common complaint of first timer inversion table users. During inversion, much […]

We’ve extensively reviewed the benefits of inversion therapy and the many available inversion table brands and models.The Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion Rack is an alternative for those wanting something more affordable or who lack the space for a full inversion table. The EZ Up Inversion Rack is intended for use with the Teeter […]

The Health Mark Pro Max sells for about twice the price of the most popular inversion table models from the bestselling brands. So what makes it’s different? The construction and stability of the Health Mark are among the best available, supporting up to 600 pounds, compared to the 300 pound limit seen on most inversion […]

The Ironman ATIS 1000 represents a step forward in inversion therapy and is a significant upgrade to their bestselling Gravity 1000 model, reviewed here. The ATIS 1000 uses a Smart Gear System, rather than a tether strap to safely lock the table in place in 10 different positions. The Scale Locking System increases ankle security […]

The Body Champ IT8070 is a simple, no frills inversion system that serves its purpose — to help reverse the negative effects of gravity by decompressing the spine. It may not compete with well known industry leaders but does provide the therapeutic benefits of inversion at a very low price. The table is relatively lightweight […]

These Hang Up Boots are designed for use with the Teeter F5000 Inversion table, reviewed here. If you can’t afford an inversion table they can also be used with the EZ-Up Inversion Rack. The Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots add comfort to inversion therapy by distributing the weight across the foot and lower leg using […]

The price tag on the Kettler APOLLO is nearly double that of other popular inversion tables previously reviewed here. So what do you get for twice the price? First off, this German built machine is well constructed, strong and stable. Robotically welded “tunnel design steel tubing ” provides superior strength, stability and safety. The Kettler […]

Although inversion therapy is a time-tested method for the treatment of back pain and promotion of general health, affordable inversion tables are now bringing this proven approach into the mainstream. Inversion therapy addresses back pain associated with spinal compression and has become a viable alternative to anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections and electrical stimulation. The Paradigm […]

Using the natural force of earth’s gravity Teeter has been helping relieve back pain for over 20 years. Elongating the spine increases the space between vertebrae and reduces pressure on discs, ligaments, and nerve roots. Reduced pressure means reduced pain and better posture. An upgrade to the F5000 model, the Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion […]