Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Used in Pilates studios around the world, the Spine Corrector “Barrel” is intended to correct and restore the spine to its natural curve. Designed by Joseph Pilates himself, the barrel opens the chest, strengthens the abdominal, back and shoulder muscles and helps maintain a supple, flexible and healthy spine. With aging comes the loss of […]

An aesthetically pleasing, cushioned mat can really enhance the Yoga experience. These extra thick tapas mats from Hugger Mugger provide both an insulated workout surface and a soothing visual. Hugger Mugger mats can be used for Yoga, Pilates or general exercise. The 1/4 inch thickness provides good support and the surface is durable and relatively […]

This “anywhere, anytime” Pilates kit from SPRI combines the tools and method to create a solid conditioning program without the need for an expensive home gym. The system is effective for toning and light sculpting, but won’t get you ripped. The package includes three Xertubes, a door attachment and an exercise mat to create a […]

This versatile device, originally conceived by Joseph Pilates himself, is adept at toning, building strength and developing balanced, controlled body movements. The Magic Circle will add variety to your resistance training as an alternative to using weights or a strength training machine. It’s durable and somewhat rigid, but includes soft, high-quality foam molded handles for […]

The Stott SPX is a professional grade, gym quality pilates reformer designed specifically for home use. It’s the highest quality pilates machine we’ve reviewed. The goal of this exerciser is to develop strength without building bulk. It provides finely tuned resistance allowing precise routines that develop good alignment, core strength, and flexibility. Using proprietary floating […]

G2 Fitness has released a line of unique fitness mats with each essential stretch position for a given discipline displayed right on the mat. The diagrams are tastefully displayed for easy reference so you’ll never forget the next stretch or need to refer to other material during a routine. File this in the “Why didn’t […]

This system combines the popular Total Trainer/Total Gym body weight resistance training design with a number of accessories for incorporating Pilates routines. It offers a large variety of available workouts with the ability to switch between exercises and variations with ease. Also inherent in this type of gym is a space saving design and with […]

The word "Pilates" has been attached to a broad variety of exercise machines with a wide range of price points — a basic home option can be had for a couple hundred bucks while commercial gym quality models may exceed $5,000. For those new to Pilates we suggest reading this excellent article from Wikipedia . […]

An absurd assortment of exercise machines and devices more likely to provide comic relief than fitness results. 1. Hawaii Chair Must-See Video! Manufacturer Claim: “You don’t have to exercise, the Hawaii Chair does it all for you!” Reality: The ability to sit cannot make you fit. Online Comments: “Is this for real? Only in the […]

This machine was designed to shorten the pilates learning curve and help bring this popular approach to fitness out of the gym and into the living room. The Pilates Power Gym consists of a large padded board that glides along a track, with adjustable height for various exercises and difficulty levels. A choice of four […]