Friday, February 15th, 2019

The Polar FT7 is a well-engineered, hi-tech instrument, but simple enough to setup and use for the “gadget challenged.” The unique design will be perceived as unattractive by some, but appeal to others — it’s a matter of personal taste. The Polar FT7 uses a comfortable chest strap to monitor heart rate with a textile […]

Polar has been innovating insulated water bottle design for over 15 years. These trendy bottles are excellent at keeping beverages cold and have evolved to include many brightly colored patterns and an innovative removable valve system. The bottle features double-walled construction — a transparent outer bottle and an opaque-white inner bottle, leaving a small chamber […]

Here’s an excellent option for those newly interested in heart rate monitoring or the increasingly complex world of fitness monitors. The Polar FS1 is an entry level heart rate monitor that adds stop watch and regular wrist watch functions to Polar’s most basic monitor design. There is almost no learning curve with the FS1 as […]

You don’t need to be a gadget nut to fully enjoy the benefits of the Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor. This device is easy to use, unisex and has all of the features a fitness enthusiast needs, without all of the expensive frills. The RS100 gives you a better understanding of your body’s function by […]

The Polar RSC800CX allows you to map out, monitor and analyze an entire exercise routine with a level efficiency and comprehensiveness we’ve rarely seen. There are many lower priced options in this category but for the data junkie and endurance enthusiast who doesn’t want to compromise, this is a best buy. The ProTrainer software makes […]

Most of us overestimate how hard we work out, spend a lot of time at the gym, and then get frustrated at the lack of results. With this gadget you can make your workouts effective, not just time and energy consuming. The features on the Polar F6 are numerous enough to make this a great […]