Friday, February 15th, 2019

One drawback to modern doorway chin up/pull up bars is the need for taller users to bend at the knees to avoid dragging their feet on the ground. The Elevated Chin Up Station from GoFit addresses this issue by raising the bar eight inches, creating more clearance and allowing for a full range of motion […]

Two of the most popular home fitness products come together in one affordably priced package. Used together, the Pro Fit Iron Gym Pullup Bar and Push Up Pro provide comprehensive upper body sculpting and strength building. The multi-function Pro Fit Iron Gym fits conveniently in most doorway frames and includes three grip positions (narrow, neutral, […]

Pull ups and chin ups are among the most efficient exercises for building upper body strength. They isolate muscle groups, prevent “cheating” on reps, and develop all upper body muscles including the chest, biceps, triceps, back and shoulders. This pull up bar from Pacillo’s Fitness features perpendicular neutral grip handles as well as the standard […]

The original Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar has become one of the best-selling home fitness accessories over the past few years. This upgraded Extreme Edition adds two additional grip positions — alternate wide and side grips — for a total of five. Like the original Iron Gym, the Extreme Edition installs easily in […]

This old fashioned style chin up bar is an alternative to the “no screw” easy-mount chinup bars that are among the most popular home fitness items we’ve seen in recent years. The GoFit Chin-Up Bar adjusts to fit standard door frames between 28″ – 36″. The bar can be used for chinups as well as […]

Looking for a pull up bar that’s sturdier and supports more weight than the removable doorway variety? This kit from Maximum Fitness Gear is an ideal choice. Built with professional quality high grade steel, the bar installs as a permanent fixture and supports up to 400 pounds. It’s appropriate for casual users and serious bodybuilders […]

The Valeo Ab Straps are a pair of looped sling-like pads that support the body’s weight while performing hanging abdominal exercises. They allow you to stay mindful of isolating the stomach muscles rather than focusing on maintaining a secure grip on the chin up bar. The straps are constructed from durable, heavy-duty nylon and will […]

Easy mount doorway pull-up bars represent one of the most innovative and popular fitness inventions in recent years. The simplicity and versatility of these new bars is remarkable. The Creative Fitness Door Gym is one of the earlier versions, often used with the P90X Extreme Training System, but actually came out before that program exploded […]

With the recent explosion in popularity of doorway pullup bars, rotational pushup devices and ab/core trainers, Gold’s Gym has created a fitness kit that neatly incorporates all three into one package. The 3-in-one set includes a grip-lock doorway gym for pullups and chinups, rotating pushup stands, and ab straps that can be attached the the […]

As opposed to the wildly popular screw-less doorway chin up bars, this device mounts in a more traditional fashion by anchoring into wooden joists, the horizontal beams that support floors. This creates a “permanent” workout solution that’s sturdy and safe. The bar can be installed in any room but is ideal for an out the […]