Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

One drawback to modern doorway chin up/pull up bars is the need for taller users to bend at the knees to avoid dragging their feet on the ground. The Elevated Chin Up Station from GoFit addresses this issue by raising the bar eight inches, creating more clearance and allowing for a full range of motion […]

Two of the most popular home fitness products come together in one affordably priced package. Used together, the Pro Fit Iron Gym Pullup Bar and Push Up Pro provide comprehensive upper body sculpting and strength building. The multi-function Pro Fit Iron Gym fits conveniently in most doorway frames and includes three grip positions (narrow, neutral, […]

Compatible with Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus and Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum (2009 and 2010), and any other Wii games that involves push ups, the Wii Push Up Bar allows you to incorporate deeper, more effective push ups into your upper body workouts. The manufacturer claims that this device will “push your workout routine to […]

The original Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar has become one of the best-selling home fitness accessories over the past few years. This upgraded Extreme Edition adds two additional grip positions — alternate wide and side grips — for a total of five. Like the original Iron Gym, the Extreme Edition installs easily in […]

The Perfect Pushup has redefined pushup technique and effectiveness. Rotating handles let your arms move naturally and fluidly as if throwing a punch or pressing up a dumbbell. They also reduce strain on the wrists. While this DVD is a valuable supplement to the Perfect Pushup, we’d like to see it come standard with the […]

The remarkably simple but ingenious concept behind the Perfect Pushup has changed how people think about and perform pushups. Each handle rests on a rotating disc to allow a natural arm motion as when pressing up a dumbbell or throwing a punch. What first appeared to be a fitness fad has transcended that perception with […]

The Power Pushup 2 was voted “Best New Piece of Exercise Equipment” by Men’s Health magazine a few years back. Since then, several new pushup devices have reached the market including the very popular rotational pushup stands, like the Perfect Pushup. The Power Pushup 2 is still an innovative approach to pushups and worth consideration […]

Easy mount doorway pull-up bars represent one of the most innovative and popular fitness inventions in recent years. The simplicity and versatility of these new bars is remarkable. The Creative Fitness Door Gym is one of the earlier versions, often used with the P90X Extreme Training System, but actually came out before that program exploded […]

With the recent explosion in popularity of doorway pullup bars, rotational pushup devices and ab/core trainers, Gold’s Gym has created a fitness kit that neatly incorporates all three into one package. The 3-in-one set includes a grip-lock doorway gym for pullups and chinups, rotating pushup stands, and ab straps that can be attached the the […]

Here’s another entry in the ever-expanding field of push up devices and an inexpensive alternative to the popular infomercial brands. The Harbinger Padded Push Up Bars adequately provide all the benefits of off-the-floor pushup products, but lack the rotating handle design featured in the Perfect Pushup and Pushup Pro. A rotating handle lets your arms […]