Friday, February 15th, 2019

We all know the importance of building muscle to support bone density and reduce fat. The fastest way to build muscle mass is through strength training. Many associate this with weight lifting or commercial gym machines and think these are the only options. Not any more. Resistance band exercise is becoming more and more popular […]

We’ve reviewed Resistance Bands of varying quality from many manufacturers. This new system from Bodylastics sets the standard for a comprehensive home resistance band training gym. Everything about this system is high quality and heavy-duty. It’s ideal for beginner to the most extreme workouts. The package includes 4 foam-covered handles, 4 heavy-duty ankle straps, 2 […]

The popularity and effectiveness of resistance band training has led to a flood of choices for consumers from hundreds of manufacturers. While Flexcords may not compete with resistance band industry-leader Bodylastics, this is an impressive set of above-average quality bands and an inexpensive alternative to a home gym or set of adjustable dumbbells. The Flexcords […]

Resistance bands are a popular and affordable alternative to traditional weight training. Research shows that regular resistance band training strengthens and tones muscles while increasing bone mass. This versatile home training set from Agile Fitness includes three color-coded bands of light, medium and heavy tension. With weights, you know exactly how much you’re lifting. With […]

Resistance bands continue to gain popularity and acceptance among consumers, fitness experts and professional athletes. This is not a gimmick or passing fitness fad. This set of bands from Spree is similar to others from Bodylastics (top rated), Ripcords and GoFit. They all serve the same purpose but differ in the quality of materials, quantity […]

This “anywhere, anytime” Pilates kit from SPRI combines the tools and method to create a solid conditioning program without the need for an expensive home gym. The system is effective for toning and light sculpting, but won’t get you ripped. The package includes three Xertubes, a door attachment and an exercise mat to create a […]

Resistance band training has become a popular approach to building long, lean muscle (rather than bulk), general conditioning and injury rehab. This convenient method provides an effective workout without the need for a set of dumbbells or an expensive strength training machine. This set from Aylio uses unique metal clips for quick and easy difficulty […]

Terrell Owens has teamed up with Bodylastics to create the Super Strong Man Edition elastic resistance system. T.O. claims it helps him achieve better strength, speed and explosiveness on the field and prefers elastic bands to free weights. Elastic resistance training is designed to isolate and work the muscle so that it reacts with better […]

The key benefits of this system are the portability that allows you to take it on the road and the ability to easily add or subtract resistance. It’s actually possible to get an adequate full body workout using this little gym-in-a-bag The GoFit Ultimate ProGym offers 7 levels of resistance created by using different combinations […]

Bodylastics has  earned a reputation for manufacturing the highest-quality resistance bands that offer convenience, flexibility and make an excellent money-saving alternative to a home gym.  They are easy to use and provide a smooth full-body strength-building and toning workout. The average person who joins a health club spends $500 per year on their membership. For […]