Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Here’s a high quality, relatively expensive exercise mat for those who prefer extra cushioning for their floor exercises. At 72″ x 24″ this mat is larger than most, allowing a 6 foot tall user to stretch out fully. The mat’s durable vinyl surface is as easy to clean as wiping down a weight bench. It […]

Resistance bands continue to gain popularity and acceptance among consumers, fitness experts and professional athletes. This is not a gimmick or passing fitness fad. This set of bands from Spree is similar to others from Bodylastics (top rated), Ripcords and GoFit. They all serve the same purpose but differ in the quality of materials, quantity […]

This “anywhere, anytime” Pilates kit from SPRI combines the tools and method to create a solid conditioning program without the need for an expensive home gym. The system is effective for toning and light sculpting, but won’t get you ripped. The package includes three Xertubes, a door attachment and an exercise mat to create a […]