Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

The Stamina 1215 is a budget rowing machine, similar to the 1205 model, but adds free motion arms for a full range of motion that better mimics the experience of rowing on water. The arms can move both vertically and horizontally, creating a realistic  circular rowing motion. Rowing is one of the most efficient all […]

This versatile device, originally conceived by Joseph Pilates himself, is adept at toning, building strength and developing balanced, controlled body movements. The Magic Circle will add variety to your resistance training as an alternative to using weights or a strength training machine. It’s durable and somewhat rigid, but includes soft, high-quality foam molded handles for […]

The first line of promotional copy for this little elliptical is “Forget the gym.” What? That’s a bold and misleading statement. By no means will this device replace working out at a gym or using a more complete and versatile home exercise machine. The foot-pedal only design of the Stamina 55-1610 has distinct disadvantages when […]

The word "Pilates" has been attached to a broad variety of exercise machines with a wide range of price points — a basic home option can be had for a couple hundred bucks while commercial gym quality models may exceed $5,000. For those new to Pilates we suggest reading this excellent article from Wikipedia . […]

We give a borderline recommendation to this rowing machine for the space saving design, functional mechanics and affordability. Like most Stamina products this is a good option for casual fitness enthusiasts who may not be able to spend a fortune on a high end piece of home exercise equipment. The Stamina 1205 is a precision […]

As the economic downturn continues we’re keeping an eye out for low cost, reliable equipment that does what it’s meant to do, without excessive features — or cost. Those familiar with hydraulic steppers know the experience is just not the same as climbing aboard a high-end elliptical or motorized stair stepper at the gym. This […]

The Stamina Ab / Hyper Bench helps develop essential core strength, upper and lower abs and powerful back muscles. The incline is easily adjustable to allow a quick increase or decrease in workout intensity. The four crunch positions range from fully flat to a 30 degree decline. In addition to ab workouts The Stamina Ab […]

We chose to cover and recommend this bike because it’s rare that equipment in this price range doesn’t skimp on what we consider essential features. The Stamina 15-0200 InTone achieves it’s main purpose — a folding, space saving design — but doesn’t leave out important extras like resistance level controls, an LCD monitor, speed, distance, […]

Help counteract the daily stresses that contribute to a stiff, sore back and neck. Ease tension and increase circulation while relieving pressure on the spinal column. When the body’s weight is suspended from the lower body, gravity decompresses the joints. This is particularly beneficial for the spine as it relieves pressure on the discs and […]

Rowing is widely known to be one of the best all around activities for cardiovascular fitness and strength. The Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine provides a total body workout that is efficient, effective, low-impact and utilizes all major muscle groups including the back, legs, arms, abdominals and buttocks. This is a compact, portable […]