Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

What distinguishes this device from the plethora of other mini-steppers on the market? The Sunny Health & Fitness Stepper incorporates a twisting motion to work additional muscles and make your workouts a bit more fun. This is also one of the best reviewed steppers in its class. The Mini-Stepper/Twister provides low-impact, moderate intensity strength work […]

The Nautilus Mobia has been discontinued. See it’s replacement here. Combining the climbing motion of a stair stepper, the low-impact benefits of an elliptical trainer and the forward movement of a treadmill, the Mobia by Nautilus aims to take the health benefits of “walking” to a new level. Nautilus, owner of Bowflex is sometimes criticized […]

Millions have seen the engaging infomercials for this innovative and fun fitness system. No longer and exclusive TV offer, The Wave Kit is now available from many online stores. Manufactured by The FIRM, a trusted name in fitness, The Wave adds some excitement to your workouts while toning the thighs, abs and glutes — and […]

As the economic downturn continues we’re keeping an eye out for low cost, reliable equipment that does what it’s meant to do, without excessive features — or cost. Those familiar with hydraulic steppers know the experience is just not the same as climbing aboard a high-end elliptical or motorized stair stepper at the gym. This […]