Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

The FIRM is a phenomenally popular home workout series that features a cardio-plus-body-sculpting fitness hybrid, dubbed Synergy Training. To date the company has sold well over 10 million fitness videos and DVDs. Over the years the FIRM workouts have evolved and expanded. The workouts in this set incorporate new variations on well-know moves that keep […]

Millions have seen the engaging infomercials for this innovative and fun fitness system. No longer and exclusive TV offer, The Wave Kit is now available from many online stores. Manufactured by The FIRM, a trusted name in fitness, The Wave adds some excitement to your workouts while toning the thighs, abs and glutes — and […]

This portable little kit packs a lot of fitness fun and function into one $20 package. The FIRM system has been around for more than 25 years, touting the principle that aerobics and strength training combined produce better fat burning results than either one alone. It’s proven and intuitive that active muscle is a natural fat-burning mechanism, […]

From all customer accounts we’ve seen, the firm delivers exactly what it promises. It reshapes your body for results you can see in 10 workouts or less. The FIRM Cardio Weight System works because it combines fat burning cardio and body sculpting weights to burn up to 3 times more fat than cardio alone. The […]