Saturday, May 5th, 2018

You’ve probably heard the buzz and advertising hype about “rebounding” and wondered how it can deliver such an effective workout. Rebounding provides a nonstop core and abdominal workout, gets the heart pumping, burns fat and improves balance and coordination. See the video demonstration below. Consumer Reports rated the Urban Rebounder as a top fitness product. […]

The Ultimate ReboundAIR is an expensive, health club quality rebounder that distinguishes itself from cheap home trampolines in a number of important ways. The frame supports users of over 300 lbs and incorporates the same lighter than metal composite polymers used in auto and aircraft engines. The innovative design integrates the high caliber, wide belly […]

The Needak Platinum Edition Rebounder is step above the standard mini trampoline that sells well but often ends up collecting dust. It’s a higher quality product at a higher price. Using a standard $100 mini trampoline as a baseline, we’ll detail some of the features that make the Needak superior. The construction is markedly more […]