Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

The Aerobics Step Platform for Wii Fit is a welcomed enhancement to the Wii Balance Board, intensifying and adding a new dimension to Wii Fit workouts. The platform can be used with any fitness game utilizing the Balance Board, including Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Gold’s Gym Cardio and EA sports Active. The easy-to-assemble platform […]

There’s been some confusion about the contents of this package. The Wii 5-In-1 Fitness Bundle includes five accessories for use with Nintendo’s Wii Fit, but not software program itself. Previous product descriptions indicated that the package includes three pairs of textured foot socks — it actually only comes with one pair. Online store product descriptions […]

The consumer reach of Wii Fit has gone well beyond the typical video player with over 8 million units sold since its launch last year. Wii Fit Plus, released in October 2009, outsold its predecessor in its first month of release. The interactive nature of these games and use of a motion-controller and balance board […]

Wii Fit exposed millions of people to the growing world of fitness-related gaming, becoming the third best selling video game in history one year after its release. Wii Fit Plus, released on October 4, 2009, is a sequal to the 2007 original that adds new routines, features and enhancements to the existing workouts. It works […]

A few years ago the number of fitness-themed games was but a small percentage of the multi-billion dollar video game industry. Now, with the success of EA Sports Active, Wii Fit and others, there’s been an increased focus on development of new fitness related titles. Fitness games act as virtual personal trainers, guiding users through […]

Last month we briefly mentioned the release of EA Sports Active for the Nintendo Wii. Now, after sensational critical and customer reception during its first few weeks on the market, here’s a more in-depth review. Developed in collaboration with Bob Greene, known for his Best Life Program and association with Oprah Winfrey, EA Sports Active […]

Electronic Arts has announced the release EA Sports Active, a dedicated exercise game for the Wii Fit that expands on the system’s capabilities with perhaps the most rigorous exercises ever connected to a gaming console. EA Sport Active will offer a wide variety of interactive activities and exercises, linked together into an evolving circuit training […]

There’s a fitness revolution underway. Technologically advanced exercise gadgets and equipment innovations are transforming not only how we exercise, but how we stay motivated to exercise. The Wii Fit, at the forefront of this movement, has gained massive media attention. But there are many other new gadgets and exercise equipment advances that will keep you […]