Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Personal health and fitness is a growing industry, and as with any industry, there are always some products that stand out from the crowd — products that really make a difference. The Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer  claims to be one of those products, so we decided to take a closer look and see what it […]

Every body is unique, every heart is different. Imagine having a personal trainer that listens to your heart, understands your strengths and weaknesses and pushes you to your limits. The Adidas miCoach Pacer provides real-time updated audio feedback and guidance, adjusting to your level of effort, to keep your mind stimulated and body challenged. The […]

The Delphi 4.0 Cyclometer from Blackburn is a multi-function biking accessory for casual or serious cyclists alike. It offers a convenient, user-friendly way to wirelessly monitor essential cycling stats, including speed (current, average and max) distance (trip and total) and cadence (current, average and max). The large, easy-to-read interface displays four lines of data and […]

With the plethora of fitness monitors on the market, choosing the right device for your needs can be daunting. After the choice is made many find the higher end devices to be complicated and confusing. The LifeSource XL-20 focuses on simplicity while providing a complete activity record of useful and motivating data. There are no buttons […]