Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Tech4O Traileader 1 Watch | Running, Hiking, Backpacking Outdoor Sport Watch

tech 4o traileader watchThe Tech4O Traileader 1 is an outdoorsy gadget lover's dream. Don't let the low profile exterior fool you -- this trail watch and "survival tool" packs in an altimeter, barometer, chronograph, accelerometer and digital compass.

These functions let you track your altitude, ascent/descent rate, the outdoor temperature and barometric pressure, your walking/running speed, pace, laps, distance traveled and calories burned.

The Traileader features a 10 day memory and records a fully adjustable personal profile for custom training routines. It also includes alarms and six timers.

With this much functionality you'll need to spend time setting up to really get the most out of this watch.

The rugged stainless steel case is larger than a regular watch but not overly bulky. The watch band is made of ventilated polymer.

The Traileader is great for running, walking, hiking, and backpacking -- and for anyone who loves the outdoors, wants to know where they are and what it took to get there.

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