Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Terrell Owens Introduces New Gym System | Elastic Resistance Bands For Strength, Speed or Rehab

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Terrell Owens has teamed up with Bodylastics to create the Super Strong Man Edition elastic resistance system. T.O. claims it helps him achieve better strength, speed and explosiveness on the field and prefers elastic bands to free weights.TO Bands

Elastic resistance training is designed to isolate and work the muscle so that it reacts with better speed and quickness. It also reduces the risk of injury and is ideal for injury rehabilitation.

This package allows you to perform over 140 top gym exercises using resistance levels up to 254 pounds. Bodylastics systems are used by many other professional athletes, personal trainers and even the US military.

Included with the Terrell Owens Super Strong Man Edition is a 76 page book that highlights over 125 separate muscle building, body toning exercises. Each of the exercises depicted is bio mechanically correct and moves with the natural function of the muscle.

Also included is lifetime access to the Bodylastics online university (regular price - $9.95/month) where you can get video coaching for over 140 exercises.

Terrell Owens Super Strong Man Edition Product DetailsTerrell Owens Bodylastics

  • Perform over 140 Exercises
  • Surgical Grade Elastic Bands
  • Solid Metal Aluminum Clips
  • 76 Page User Manual
  • Terrell Owens Workout & Diet Guide
  • Circuit Training DVD
  • Travel Bag
  • 6-week Visible Results Guarantee
  • Lifetime Defects Warranty

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