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The FIRM Cardio-To-Go Workout Kit | Slim Without The Gym Mobile Fitness

the-firm-cardio-to-goThis portable little kit packs a lot of fitness fun and function into one $20 package. The FIRM system has been around for more than 25 years, touting the principle that aerobics and strength training combined produce better fat burning results than either one alone.

It's proven and intuitive that active muscle is a natural fat-burning mechanism, and has become the approach of many best selling exercise programs. A combined cardio and strength training system can burn up to three times more calories than cardio alone.

This kit includes the "Slim Without the Gym DVD" which consists of four 10-minute workouts. The titles are self-explanatory -- Brazilian Butt Lift, Armed & Dangerous, Tummy Tucks and Total Body Burn. Each can be done separately or all four in sequence for an intensive 40-minute full body workout. The instructor, Annie Lee is systematic, easy to follow and the workouts are well-paced.

the-firm-cardio-to-go-bagThe easy to pack, lightweight and compact bag is a great on-the-go option, perfect for travel. Women are the target demo for this product; hence the pink color.

The FIRM Cardio-To-Go Kit is simple and well put together, and the workouts are adequate for beginning to intermediate fitness levels. More advanced users interested in the short routine format may want to consider Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer.

The FIRM Cardio-To-Go Kit Product Details

  • Slim Without The Gym DVD with four 10-minute routines
  • The FIRM Weighted Jump Rope with removable weights and foam-padded handles
  • The FIRM Toning Cord - 48" medium resistance band with comfort grip handles
  • The FIRM Resistance Loop - 22.5" medium resistance band fitted for ankles, legs, and arms
  • Compact Mesh Bag - attractive, easy to clean, mobile gym bag

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