Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

The FIRM Workout Wave Kit | Body Sculpting, Speed Slimming Board & Step Combo

Millions have seen the engaging infomercials for this innovative and fun fitness system. No longer and exclusive TV offer, The Wave Kit is now available from many online stores.

Manufactured by The FIRM, a trusted name in fitness, The Wave adds some excitement to your workouts while toning the thighs, abs and glutes -- and working the core with every move you make. The routines effectively combine cardio and strength training using "Speed Slimming" intervals.

The Wave is a double sided personal "gym" that allows for both rocking, wave riding motions and stepping exercises in one durable, compact design.

With the curved side down you can rock side to side or turn 90 degrees and walk back and forth (see the video below). The curved side up provides a stable, anchored surface at an optimal height for step exercises.

The three interactive DVD workouts include Ride The Wave (10 minutes), Rock It Off! (40 minutes), and Speed Slimming Sculpt (30 minutes).

The kit also includes an accessory mat for stability and protection and a Weight Loss Success Guide Book.

The FIRM Wave Kit Product Details

  • Innovative personal workout system
  • The Wave double sided rocking/stepping unit
  • Over 100 total body sculpting & toning exercises
  • 3 interactive DVDs: Ride the WAVE, Speed Slimming SCULPT, and Rock it OFF
  • Weight Loss Success Guide Book
  • Compact, easy-to-follow system

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The Wave Video Demonstration

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One Response to “The FIRM Workout Wave Kit | Body Sculpting, Speed Slimming Board & Step Combo”
  1. Patty Gallant says:


    I’m a fitness trainer in New Brunswick, Canada. I’m very interested in starting a class using The Wave. Do you need certification to instruct the use of this product to clients? If so, can you give me a list of courses that would be available to me. Thanks!


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