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The Fitness Five | Nicole Moneer Guerrero

Our exclusive five question interview with fitness model, trainer and competitor Nicole Moneer Guerrero.

nicole-guerrero-300Nicole Moneer Guerrero is a Top 5 nationally and Top 10 internationally ranked PRO fitness competitor and fitness/bikini model, as well as a skilled personal trainer and educator. She is an NASM personal trainer and an AFAA group exercise instructor for Life Time Fitness where she advises private clients and leads large group classes.

Nicole has been featured in such publications as Oxygen Magazine, Almost Famous Magazine, Ms. Fitness Magazine, Iron Man Magazine and Fitness Experts Magazine, as well as on a variety as well as on a variety of local Chicago-area television and radio shows.

During the 1994-1995 season, she was a member of the World Champion Chicago Bulls cheerleading squad and was later a part of the Bally Total Fitness Performance Team.  Nicole earned the title as Ms. Fitness Illinois in 2004 and 2007, as well as the 2004 and 2007 Fitness America, Midwest Fitness Festival Champion, among others.

1. Obsession Fitness focuses on home gym equipment. Do you have a favorite type of exercise equipment?

Foam/Body Rolling, which is a type of stretching. I use Yamuna balls, Power-Systems Massage Bar and SPRI Foam Rollers. As a competitive athlete my body takes a beating and rolling helps to lengthen my muscles, improve circulation and relieve tightness. I do it with all my clients and everyone should incorporate it into their workouts as a warm-up or cool down.


2. Do you spend more time working out at home or in a gym?

I actually spend more time working out in the gym BUT have recently started to train more in my house due to time constraints. I prefer the energy/atmosphere of the gym and of course the variety of equipment.

fitness-universe-2008-photo-by-gordonjsmith3003. What are your top five strength training tips?

  • Form first.
  • Always challenge yourself with load and variety.
  • Train your core (29 muscles)...not just your abs.
  • Invest in a trainer if you know nothing about weights...they will educate you on so much so you get results!
  • Eat protein, especially following your workouts!

4. What is the most challenging part of maintaining your fitness level?

The most challenging part is keeping my body healthy/injury-free. Body rolling helps with this along with using the Pilates Reformer.

5. What are some misconceptions people have about staying fit?

Most people think there is a secret...a special pill or certain exercise. Let me tell you the secret, it's takes hard work and dedication!

Learn more about Nicole at and and see our article on 10 Fitness Models one being Nicole

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