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The Fitness Five | Ekaterina Meishvili

Our exclusive five question interview with fitness trainer and competitor Ekaterina Meishvili.

ekaterina meishvili 1 274Ekaterina is originally from the Republic of Georgia and has been involved in fitness since age six, first as a figure skater and then in Rhythmic Gymnastics, where by age 19 she had won several gold and silver medals.

Now living in the U.S., Ekaterina has competed in five Miss Fitness competitions and took first place in Miss Fitness LA, Universe, Team USA, and Miss Fitness Natural Universe. She is also a certified Personal Trainer through NPTI, a Choreographer and a Gymnastics coach.

1. Obsession Fitness focuses on home gyms and exercise equipment. Do you have a favorite type of equipment?

My favorite piece of exercise equipment would be the Life Fitness cable cross machine. It can be utilized in many different ways to maximize the challenges placed on you body, either by isolating a specific body part or working the entire body. It stimulates both the physical and neurological systems through balance, stabilization and isolation.

2. What type of training do you do during a typical week?

My typical workout week consists of approximately 40 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, running and stair mill, and one hour of strength training, cables and Olympic lifting, 3 times per week. I also practice gymnastics, elements of my routine, and swimming 3 times per week, with one day off.

3. Can you describe your approach to diet and nutrition?

My diet does not change much throughout the year as I try to eat healthy at all times. Typically my breakfast includes oatmeal and fruit and other times eggs and wheat toast, followed two hours later with a healthy snack of fruit and/or almonds. My post workout lunch is usually chicken or fish with buckwheat and broccoli or asparagus. After another snack of yogurt and granola my dinner is again mostly fish or chicken and lots of veggies. My indulgences are dark chocolate and red wine. It is important to indulge a little bit every day to keep yourself on track to a healthy lifestyle.

ekaterina meishvili 2 2774. What is your favorite aspect of training?

I enjoy constantly varying my workouts with different styles of cardio and strength moves. This allows me to be challenged in new and exciting ways, which limits boredom and causes adaptations at all levels, by changing the stimuli placed against my body. It is very important to keep things fresh and fun with my workout as well as my clients, thus ensuring results.

5. Do you have any advice for others interested in fitness modeling or competing?

My advice to others wishing to compete in fitness shows would be to work with a coach or choreographer to assist in utilizing all dimensions of the stage and completing smooth and effortless transitions. The best and most successful routines are not the ones with the most difficult moves but the those which are best put together. One must also be very consistent and dedicated, working on every move and then linking them all together into a beautifully choreographed routine.

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